Monday, April 13, 2009

Punctual, Presentable and always well in Attendance

I have realized that it takes me more time and effort to accomplish things than average sized adults. In light of this revelation I have compiled a short list of reasons why you should not feel sorry for me.

Without an offensive adult body I can wear very short skirts or dresses and still look delightful.
2. People are more inclined to help me carry large or heavy items.
3. It's not like I have hollow bones or anything.

Moving on to reasons why you should feel sorry for me. I do not own a tourmaline necklace.

Or ancient coins. Nice coins dood.

omg.omg. As it turns out the orange citrine matrix that was intended to go on display was neither citrine nor orange. But rather just a regular ass clear quartz. On a totally unrelated topic. I guess this months Vogue is worth taking a dump to. Shoulders are in ladies, good thing everyone owns a pair.