Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a great father daughter combo. I makes me wish I had a father. OK fine I do have a dad he's just not that cool. A witch in Mexico told me that he put a spell on my family. And although she could potentially be lying I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't.
Don't these pictures of young celebrities make you feel weird?

convertible furniture
This is how I wanted to dress this winter but I have been too distracted by things that don't help me dress like this. And I can't help but think it's too late. Possibly the most luxurious thing in the material world. Fur vacuum sealed with gold dust. The fur becomes porous under pressure and accepts the gold particles into it's open cellular membranes. And the gold only comes off in outer space. But I imagine there are things far more luxuries in outer space. So you would never even need golden fur.


  1. the first image makes me wish i had a father too.

    did you add those photos of furniture to nudge a suggestion?

    what is distracting you?

    you are a gold flake.

  2. You are like the fur to my folden mist. Right?