Friday, May 8, 2009

If you have ever felt contempt for college students because they are so loud and carefree consider the following passage from a book.

"I have decided to encourage the young. Once I wouldn't have done this, but now I have nothing to lose. The young are not my rivals. Fish are not the rivals of stones. So I will encourage them open-handedly, I will encourage them en masse. I'll fling encouragement over then like rice at a wedding. They are the young a collective noun, like the electorate. I'll encourage them indiscriminately, whether they deserve it or not. Anyway, I can't tell them apart."

Two things have been decided.

1. I will give up reading fiction. (Excluding murder mysteries with exceptional covers from 1940-1970)

2. What I would like to be for Halloween (Listed in order of interest and importance)
  • a. Selena
  • b. White wigged aristocrat
  • c. Wallflower (Only if Daniel Adam agrees to be a social butterfly)

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